Like any seaport Vladivostok has absorbed the tastes of different cuisines of the world. There are many restaurants and cafés in the city where you can try not only food for any taste – Indian, Russian, Italian, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Uzbek and many more but feel the culture of different countries.

Of course, the true taste of Primorye is the taste of the sea and the taiga. The Sea of Japan and the Ussuri Taiga has generously awarded this region. So, the Far Eastern cuisine is based on a huge variety of seafood, wild meat, taiga wild plants. You are welcome to the city restaurants to try freshly caught crab, scallop, oysters, trepan (sea cucumber). Taiga is rich with mushrooms and berries, as well as very healthy wild plants – lemongrass, ginseng, eleutherococcus, pine nut, and fern. It is very important to note that the most taiga plants have healing characteristics.

Trying to know more you should definitely visit culinary workshops where you will learn how to “twist” Japanese rolls, to “sculpt” Georgian khinkali, to cook pies called pianse, to paint gingerbread and to cook the dishes of native people of our region – Nanai and Udege people. The numerous delicious festivals will allow you to appreciate the skill of seaside restaurateurs and the seasonal natural gifts of Primorye. There is the Mussel Festival in May. The Scallop Festival starts in July. You can take part in the Taiga Festival in the first half of October. “Catch the Crab” is the festival which is extremely popular in September. Winter is the time for ice fishing. Here the Smelt Festival and the Festival of Navaga comes.

Compared to other cities of Russia Vladivostok is very clearly distinguished by its gastronomic diversity. Perhaps, that is why the seaside capital often leads the rankings of Russian cities with the best cuisine.

Visit the grand locations like the Golden Bridge and loads more that Vladivostok and Primorye have to offer!
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