The event calendar Vladivostok can surprise any tourist with its diversity. Many events have international status.

Culture events: the festival of classic music “Far Eastern Spring“, the jazz festival, the Far Eastern festival “Mariinsky“, the film festival of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region “Pacific Meridians“, an open music festival V-ROX.

The athletes rush to Vladivostok to take part in the aquabike championship, in drift races, sailing regatta, “walrus” swims. There are many people from all Russia come to Vladivostok to take part in very popular and extraordinary marathons hold in the city – “Bridges of Vladivostok” and “Vladivostok Ice Run”. Take a chance to run across the frozen sea and challenge your abilities!

If you are fan of delicious food, then numerous delicious festivals will allow you to appreciate the skill of seaside restaurateurs and the seasonal natural gifts of Primorye. There is the Mussel Festival in May. The Scallop Festival starts in July. You can take part in the Taiga Festival in the first half of October. “Catch the Crab” is the festival which is extremely popular in September. Winter is the time for ice fishing. Here is the Smelt Festival in the middle of January. A month later the Navaga Festival comes. There are also honey and strawberry festivals.

Every year in September Vladivostok is open for the Eastern Economic Forum.  The Forum has become the biggest international platform for discussing the strategy for developing political, economic and cultural ties between Russia and Asia Pacific countries.

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