Vladivostok & Primorye – Pearl of the Pacific Ocean

In Vladivostok, you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of the city, which is washed by the sea on three sides. Viewpoints with unique views of seascapes, streets and architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries contain many interesting mysteries and unsolved mysteries. Here you can go on a sea tour on a speedboat in the Pacific ocean and enjoy the flora and fauna of marine reserves. The nature of the Primorsky territory is unique-coniferous forests, combined with meadows and Lotus ponds. And the famous cherry blossoms in Vladivostok, only the flowering of these fruit trees falls on a later period than in Japan-the end of April – May.

The history of Vladivostok is inextricably linked with the Russian Pacific fleet. On the Russian island, to get to which have to pass on cable-stayed bridge, is a unique fortification fort of the Second world war – Voroshilov battery, and on the main promenade of the city you can go inside a real submarine. It is also home to the largest in Russia – the Primorsky Okeanarium. By the way, cable-stayed bridges are one of the ‘visiting card’ of Vladivostok, it connect the Islands and peninsulas of the city, organically fitting into the ocean landscape.

The Amur Tiger and the Far Eastern leopard live in the Primorsky Territory. You can meet them and many other fauna representatives in the Safari Park-a unique place where you can see animals without bars, and even pet some of them.

Vladivostok is one of the three permitted regions in Russia where you can visit the Casino, which is located in a unique nature area. You can try your luck in one of the Casino halls, or just relax in a five-star hotel with unique restaurants and SPAS.

Time spent in this beautiful place is always short, be sure that you will want to return, because it is not for nothing that, according to National Geographic, Vladivostok entered the TOP 10 ocean cities in the world.

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Photos: Igor Varava, Tatiana Bulatova, Vitaliy Berkov, Mikhail Krechmar 

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