Marine Reserve

The Far Eastern Marine biosphere reserve is a place of rare beauty in the East of Russia. It’s Primorye. The place is where the taiga meets the ocean, and cold waters meet warm subtropical waters. Here are the unique natural complexes of plants and animals which have no analogues anywhere else. The Far Eastern marine biosphere reserve is located in this amazing place. The Reserve is designed to preserve the unique natural complexes of Peter the Great Bay. Peter the Great Bay is the most southern coastal marine area of Russia. Here’s the warmest water and the richest biodiversity. It is not possible to describe how pure and beautiful this place. You should see it!

We need to take a boat to reach the Reserve. On the way we meet the seal colony and even can swim in such company. The small island of Furugelm is famous for the variety of birds. On the sandy bottom of the coves there are the largest in the Primorye colony of scallops which grow to the size of tea saucer. The Fake Island is amazing us with its beauty: the green of emerald color, golden sand, mysterious caves, and sheer stone walls that evenly built by the nature, and lonely rocks. We will take a walk on the largest sandy spit in Primorye, which stretches for 27 km. The Telyakovsky Bay will meet us with rocks and pines. And quaintly indented shores will make our visit to these places unforgettable.


Photos: Akeksandra Hitrova, Alexadra Ratnikova, Igor Katin, Marina Sklyarova, Vitaliy Berkov

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