Lotus Ponds in Primorye is a Far Eastern treasure.

Since ancient times, this plant is considered sacred to the inhabitants of the East. It is also a symbol of purity, it is composed of legends and legends. In the Primorsky territory in the far East of Russia, these amazing flowers also grow. Lotus blooms here usually take place from the end of July to mid-August, when the water warms up to 20 degrees.

In total, there are four types of Lotus in the world: yellow, nut-bearing, Caspian and Komarov Lotus. The latter is listed in the Red book and grows in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories, the Amur region. This is the only representative of the family in the Russian far East. The Komarov Lotus has been preserved in this area since the pre-glacial period, when the climate here was warmer. The flower was named after the botanist Vladimir Komarov. He studied the flora of the Far East and in 1897 received the Przhevalsky silver medal from the Russian geographical society.

There is a belief that if you were sprayed with water from the lake where the Lotus grows, then you will certainly be lucky. If you tie a ribbon on a Bush on days when the Lotus blooms, this is to fulfill the desire. The Japanese, as a special lovers of natural beauty, say, that on the first day of LOTOS has the form of bottles of sake, second — the Cup of sake, on the third day — like deep plate for soup, and the fourth takes the shape of a saucer. Its soft pink buds have a pleasant aroma, the intensity of which varies throughout the day. The strongest smell appears at noon.

Single flowers reach 30 centimeters in diameter. On the surface of the water, they are raised by pedicels, whose height is about two meters. Lake Karasino at Artemovskaya CHP now has no production functions. But locals and tourists come here to catch the short season of Lotus blossoms.

Also, the Lotus can be seen on lake Bolshoe in Andreyevka, near Ussuriysk near the village of Oak Key, near the Okeanskaya station, in Arsenyev, on the island of Putyatina, in the Kirov district, in the villages of Kronshtadtka and Lesnoye, in the Botanical garden in the suburbs of Vladivostok and the village of Razdolnoye.

To ensure that you can see the lotuses, we recommend visiting Primorye between July and mid-August.

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