Cherry Blossom

Dates: May, every year

Vladivostok, as a city of tourists and the capital of the Far East, attracts visitors not only with its sights and colorful cuisine, but also with its amazing nature. Spring is a time of prosperity. This season, the attention of residents and visitors of the city is attracted by the pink cloud of flowering tree crowns that envelops the arboretum of Vladivostok state University.

For more than ten years, we have been pleased with the Japanese beauty grown in the Northern nurseries of the island of Hokkaido-a gift from our Japanese brothers from Toyama Prefecture.  Trees are specially selected and planted so as to maximize their flowering period. Throughout this time, local experts, using the experience of Japanese colleagues, monitor the health of unique trees, feeding them with timely fertilization.

Cherry blossom in Japan is one of the main spring events. Admiring Sakura is called “o-Hanami”by the Japanese. The cherry blossom season is not an official holiday in Japan. They don’t have special days off in their calendar related to this natural wonder. But on cherry blossom days, parks, squares, alleys, as well as the territories of Buddhist and Shinto temples, where there are lush trees, are visited and spent time by a large number of people. So this season can be considered a truly national holiday.

Currently, anyone can visit and admire the flowering in the city of Vladivostok. The main thing is to have time, because cherry blossoms usually last about two weeks. But if, suddenly, you do not have time for Sakura, then do not worry.


The Cherry blossom season in Vladivostok depends on current weather conditions, but it usually starts in may.

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