Vladivostok & Primorye

The southeastern border of Far East Russia is the Primorskiy Region with Sikhote-Alin mountain range and mountain peaks of East Manchuria mountain country. This region has panoramic breath – taking views of ice-free Sea of Japan with unique landscapes of flora and fauna richness that make Primorskiy region a world famous attraction. There are many ancient and exotic types of plants and animals in Primorye, e.g. Manchurian nut, yew-tree, mountain angelica, ginseng, and Ussurian “Siberian” tiger, leopard, Himalayan bear, dappled dear, blue magpie. Exotic North Siberian types of flora and fauna are: birch, fir, larch and brown bear, wolverine, sable, hazel-hen.

Primorye is situated on the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the world’s largest continent, Asia. This medium marine climate is slightly above the sub-tropical zone.  In Winter the territory is influenced by Asian weather – dry and sunny.   In Summer south easterly winds bring humid air currents from the ocean. In January, the coldest month of year, the average temperature is 20ºC below zero. The warmest months are July and August. The average temperature at this time fluctuates between 15ºC and 20ºC above zero.  Rainy season is brief and starts at the end of July.  Warm and sunny Autumn is the best season in Primorye.

Sea adventurers and deep sea divers will marvel at the marine life, e.g. foal crab, “hairy” crab, shrimps, mollusks, sea urchin, marine cucumber and many sub-tropical fish.  Also the enormous Kamchatka blue crab lives here.

The nature of Primorskiy region gives a great opportunity for ecological tourism, intriguing adventures and exciting outdoor activities: camping, fishing, hunting, rafting, hiking, climbing, backpacking, speleology “cave exploring”, bird-animal watching.

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