City Boat trip “«Bridges of Vladivostok» take you around the water area, you will admire the city from the sea, listen to stories about people and places from professional guides – all this can be done on daily sea excursions! On the tour, you will find a fascinating history of the city, from the beginning of the construction of Vladivostok to the creation of cable-stayed bridges.

Passing the main capes of Churkin and Egersheld, you will find yourself in the Bosphorus East Strait. Unlike the calm Golden Horn, the Eastern Bosphorus is almost always met by wind and wave. In winter, the wind does not allow the ice to freeze, leaving the passage to the Bay navigable. Russian Russian bridge with the length of the Central span of 1104 m is clearly visible from the Strait. the Bridge connected the mainland of Vladivostok with Russky island. The campus of the far Eastern Federal University is located in the Ajax Bay of the island as an amphitheatre. Significant meetings are held on its territory: festivals and forums. Under the bridge – the sea gate of Vladivostok. Beyond the bridge, already in the Ussuri Bay, the Navigator begins counting the miles traveled.

The city with a rich Maritime history, beautiful landscapes from the sea surface, fresh sea air-all this will open for visitors of the tour.

Enjoy many activities like the City Boat Trip and loads more that Vladivostok and Primorye have to offer!
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