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Vladivostok & Primorye

You will open history  and culture of the city and Primorsky region by visiting various museums in Vladivostok.

The best place where the history of Primorye is most reflected is the Local history museum. It was named after the famous traveler and the researcher of Russian Far East Vladimir Arsenyev. There are the expositions of the stone sculptures of Jurchen era, the magnificent products from antique porcelain, earthenware, glass, the unique collections of coins and seals, weapons of Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indochinese and English warriors starting from the 17th century.

One of the pages of the military history of Vladivostok is the Museum of the Pacific Fleet. The museum keeps the exhibits from Russian Museum in Port Arthur, weapons, ancient awards and personal belongings of seamen, medical instruments from the times of Russian-Japanese war, the collection of ship models. Some of the exhibits are located in the open air.

The Museum of Automobiles has become the hallmark of the city. The main exhibits are old cars. There are military motorcycles, the rarest prewar pick-up truck in the collection. The Historical and Technical Museum has more than 150 exhibits, including tanks, artillery, cars and trucks, and motor equipment of the 30s and 80s. Most of the cars are really rare, for example, the first off road car and amphibious vehicle.

There is many historical places and significant points that “must be” visited while your stay in Vladivostok. Please follow the links below to know more…

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