Voroshilov battery

This unique fortification is a two-tower coastal battery located in a secluded area between the hills of the island, at an altitude of 53-54 meters above sea level.

The entire Ussuri Bay was within the range of the Voroshilov battery’s guns, largely due to which the Japanese armed forces did not risk approaching the shores of the southern part of the Far East.

There are only 2 such complexes on the territory of the whole of Russia — the second with the same characteristics of weapons is located on the Western border of the country — in Sevastopol.

The trick to a location of the battery is that both towers are like in the valley between the hills, and thus, inconvenient to attack them from the sea, and restoring guns is done with command posts located a little farther away on the mountain Wetlina and mount Glavnaya. The towers themselves are also interesting-in fact, they are only the tops of a huge five-story underground structure 15 meters deep. The thickness of the concrete arch of the tower block is 2.8 m, the front wall is 4 m, and the side and back walls are 1.5 m. It is noteworthy that the design with such walls will withstand even a direct hit by an air bomb, plus, the towers are also designed to protect against chemical and bacteriological attacks.

There are three-level underground bunkers under each battery tower. On the first “floor” there were technical and residential premises of personnel, on the second and third — ammunition was stored. This amazing complex is listed in the Guinness book of records as the longest-running battery.

The force of the blast wave from the battery’s volleys was so great that Windows of houses were broken in nearby villages, but the Voroshilov battery never had to take part in any real military action: all the shots it fired were training shots.

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