Vladivostok & Primorye

Vladivostok is the special place. The uniqueness of our region comes from distinctive culture of many nationalities that have been living here for many centuries, the rare beauty of wild nature which is still amaze us with its diversity, from the rich Asian culture which you can feel all over the city. We can definitely say that the cultures of East and West intertwined here.

The culture of Vladivostok is very multifaceted. Everyone will find something new and interesting in the field of culture in Vladivostok. Here you can learn the culture of all nations living in the Far East of Russia. It is always very interesting to take part in celebration of local national holidays respecting all the traditions (Tatar Sabantuy, Sorochinskaia Fair, Udege Vakchaini). The organ concerts, performances of symphony and pop orchestras are very popular in the city. Their repertoire includes music from different countries and times – from classical to modern pop. You can also see the performances of artistic ensembles from Japan and South Korea. The ensembles of Russian folk instruments named “Sadko” offers musical projects of various genres and styles – Russian and Cossack songs and couplets. It will be a great opportunity to sing and dance to the accompaniment of musicians.

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